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By: Chris | August 30, 2021

TikTok Marketing: A Content Strategy for Businesses.

Is your business on TikTok? Wondering what to post?

In this article, you’ll discover how to create a TikTok strategy for business. You’ll also get tips for using evergreen and trending content, choosing hashtags, and deciding when to post.

#1: Define Your Objective for Using TikTok

The first step to developing a TikTok content strategy is to know your niche. Before you choose a topic, format, or song for your TikTok video, you need to know who you’re talking to. What’s the reason you’re on TikTok and what are you promoting? For example, your goal might be to grow your influence, your other social media accounts, or your email list.

Once you know your purpose for using TikTok, the next step is to decide what kind of TikTok content will help you meet that objective.

#2: Determine What Type of TikTok Content to Create

In attention to the dancing videos that TikTok is known for, you’ll find humorous videos, videos with business tips, series, and trending videos. If you’re stuck for ideas, get inspiration from what your followers and your competitors are posting on TikTok.

Look at the Discover page as well, which you can open by tapping on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. Type your search term in the box at the top to find content relevant to your niche.

On the Home screen, scroll through the For You page to get a feel for the content that’s currently trending. This is content served to you by the TikTok algorithm.

For your own TikTok content strategy, I recommend a content mix of 70% trends and 30% evergreen.

To capitalize on content that’s designed around trends, make sure you publish it while that trend is still fresh. For your evergreen TikTok content, you can batch-record it and post it throughout the day.

#3: Research TikTok Hashtags for Your Niche

Once you know what type of content you want to create, the next step is to research hashtags on TikTok to identify ones that will help you reach your audience. Look for hashtags that are both relevant to your audience and have between 300,000 and 2 million views. If you use hashtags above that mark, your content will simply get lost in the mix.

#4: Identify the Optimal Time to Publish to Reach Your Audience on TikTok

The last step of this TikTok content roadmap is to set a publication schedule for your videos.

To determine the optimal time to reach your followers, look at your TikTok. This data will give you insight into when your followers are typically online throughout the day and week. Once you have this information in hand, I recommend posting your TikTok videos an hour before people usually come online.

If you’re trying to reach a broader audience, think about when people are generally active on social media. That’s probably early morning, when they get off work, and right before they go to bed.

Of course, everyone’s audience is different so you’ll need to experiment with your posting times to see what works best for your account.

To get access to TikTok analytics, you need to have a creator account. To check what account type you have, tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner of your TikTok profile.

On the Settings and Privacy page, look at the account type listed. If it says Creator, you’re all set. If it says Personal, click Switch to Pro Account and follow the prompts to set up a creator account.

Once you have a creator account, you can access your TikTok analytics from your account settings. Again, tap on the three dots on your profile, choose Creator on the Settings and Privacy page, and then select Analytics.

On the first TikTok analytics screen, you’ll see an overview of your account activity. Tap on the Followers tab to find out when your followers are most active on the platform. You’ll also find demographic information about your followers here, including gender and location. If you do live video on TikTok, make sure you check out the Live tab to see your engagement data.


If you’re asking the question, “What should I post on TikTok?” this content roadmap will help guide you in creating TikTok videos that appeal to your audience.

Start by identifying your purpose for using TikTok. Then spend some time researching different types of content to help meet your goal and hashtags that will help you reach your audience. Finally, use your TikTok analytics to help identify the optimal time to post your content.

What do you think? Will you try this content strategy to develop TikTok videos for your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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By: Chris | July 07, 2021

Instagram Highlights Covers: How to Get More Clicks for Your Stories Highlights

Want more people to watch your Instagram Stories highlights? Looking for tips that lead to more clicks and views of your highlights?

In this article, you’ll discover how to get more people to click on your Instagram highlights.

Why Optimize the Design of Instagram Highlights Covers?

Instagram highlights brought evergreen value to Instagram Stories—a separate feed to which people could post content that would vanish 24 hours later. By creating highlights, you can move your otherwise-vanishing stories down into the center of your Instagram profile.

Other than your profile photo, Instagram highlights covers are the first visual branding assets on your profile. As such, they have the unique job of both drawing your audience’s attention and inviting them to engage with your stories, as well as compelling your audience to continue scrolling down your profile to see the rest of your content.

#1: Structure Instagram Highlights Albums for Quick Content Discoverability

In many ways, your Instagram Stories highlights function the same as a menu at the top of your website functions; they serve to show your audience the types of content you have to offer. And just as with those primary menus, you can organize your Instagram Stories in several different ways—by content type, topic, or event.

The way you organize your stories by albums is crucial to helping people find past stories they’re looking for and new stories about what interests them. Here are three organizational structures to consider:

Content type: This is a popular choice for a lot of content creators who want to separate the type of content they create (podcasts, blogs, videos, etc.). This is useful if you want to highlight a particular channel or type of content. It’s also helpful if your audience prefers an easy way to find those channels if they’re searching for your podcast or event.

Topic category: This is a popular choice for a lot of businesses and content creators who prefer to organize their content into categories. This is helpful if you want to draw attention to one particular subject or product or if your audience wants to be able to find an answer to a specific question or shop for a particular item—both of which can be hard to do if the Instagram Stories highlights are organized by content type.

Event: If you run a lot of events, you might want to consider organizing your Instagram Stories highlights by event name or date. This is especially helpful if you want to make it easy for people to review your past events or find posts and stories related to an ongoing event.

You can create a new Instagram highlight by navigating to your Instagram profile and tapping on the +New icon.

You can also tap on the + button near the top of the screen to add a new story highlight.

#2: Create a Custom Instagram Highlights Cover for Each Album

Your Instagram highlights covers play a key role in engaging your audience and compelling them to click and interact with your content. Highlights covers are comprised of two major pieces:

  • The highlights cover image: the small, round graphic that appears in a row near the bottom of your Instagram profile right above your main feed.
  • The highlights cover name: the short label applied to your Instagram highlight.

These two attributes work together to draw your audience into your most engaging stories.

You’re not required to create a new cover for your highlights album. Instagram will allow you to set and save your new story highlight without designating a cover if that’s what you prefer. If you choose not to create a custom cover, Instagram will show a thumbnail view of your story in place of the cover.

The generated thumbnails Instagram sets up for covers can even look good on your profile. However, there’s less control over how your covers will look on your Instagram profile compared to designing and creating your own Instagram Stories highlights covers.

To create a custom cover, open or create a new document in your favorite graphics program and start with an image that is 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high. Create the background effect you’d like to use and add your icon, words, or photo to the center of your new graphic and save.

To edit an existing Instagram story highlights cover, tap and hold the existing highlight cover on your profile until the edit screen pops up, then tap on Edit Cover. On the next screen, you can choose from your existing Instagram stories or upload a new one and position it inside the small circle shown on your screen.

When you’re finished, hit Done and your changes will be saved.

#3: Add Visual Cues to Album Covers to Emphasize Content Organization

Of course, you can also create Instagram highlights covers using text instead of images. What’s more, you can use emojis in place of names. Using this combination, the highlights covers and names switch roles on your profile. Because the images you create for highlights covers have more room on them for words, this means you can fit more letters onto covers than you could the other way around.

Emojis have been making a name for themselves in marketing copy by making your brand more human and relatable. For one thing, humans are thought to consume and process visual data 60,000 times faster than they process text. Not only that, but the inclusion of visual data such as emojis in your text can raise the effectiveness of your text.

By swapping the text out for an emoji in your Instagram highlights covers, you can take full advantage of the power of emojis in a way that a normal graphic or icon can’t always offer. They’re small, easy to process, and add a relatable context to your highlights.

#4: Use Faces to Create a Human Connection

Everyone loves to see the face behind the brand: the person sitting behind the scenes working so hard to bring value and create content or the character behind the story—someone people can relate to and connect with. By using a photograph of yourself, your brand ambassadors, or your characters, you can greet people on your Instagram profile with a more personable look to your brand and welcome them to your profile.

The power of a smiling face on Instagram is not new. In fact, Instagram posts showcasing faces have been proven to receive more likes and comments than posts without a face.

Above your Instagram Stories highlights, your profile shows only your photo and your bio, which may contain one clickable link. This means that, for all intents and purposes, your highlights covers are the first chance that visitors to your Instagram profile have to really engage with your brand. Showcasing real people in your Instagram Stories highlights covers allows you to harness that power of increased engagement in a way that gets them tapping on your highlight to see the content underneath.

#5: Use Color in Your Highlights Covers to Draw the Viewer’s Eye

This is probably one of the most popular strategies for creating Instagram Stories highlights covers: By using brand colors, you’re able to create a cohesive look to your Instagram profile that connects your bio and links above to your content below.

In some cases, a person may be visiting your Instagram profile before they’ve really interacted with your brand and gotten to know you. By using branded colours and icons in your highlights covers, you’re able to provide them with a snapshot preview.

The cohesive look and feel of your Instagram Stories highlights covers will also help set your audience’s expectations for the rest of your content.

Using branded colours is another way that your Instagram profile acts a lot more like a landing page to your website than a social media profile.

Using branded colours is nice because they can flow seamlessly into the rest of your Instagram content, but using contrasting colours can really help make sure those Instagram Stories highlights covers stick out to your audience.


Instagram stories started out as simple, ephemeral content that would vanish after 24 hours. And because of this, earlier stories did not need to focus on a long-term strategy. With the advent of Instagram Stories highlights, your stories became evergreen, which meant putting together a long-term strategy for your content (even for those stories you don’t plan on turning into highlights). In fact, Instagram Stories has now grown to be so large and complex that it can be treated as a separate entity from your primary Instagram profile.

What do you think? What are you doing to help your Instagram Stories highlights covers draw attention? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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By: Chris | June 17, 2021

How to Grow a Facebook Group Quickly and Effortlessly

Looking for ways to quickly grow your Facebook group?

In this article, you’ll discover three ways to grow your Facebook group.

#1: Questions That Prompt Engagement in Your Facebook Group.

It’s no secret that Facebook rewards engagement. They love it so much that they’ll start recommending your group to other people on the platform, allowing you to essentially grow your group for free.

The best way to get people to engage consistently in your Facebook group is to constantly ask them questions.

There are four kinds of questions that work well for this purpose. You can ask group members to weigh in on your upcoming business or personal decisions; solicit their opinions on something; prompt them to answer your question; or allow them to share something about their business such as their profile, podcast name, or YouTube channel.

#2: Keep Engaged Facebook Group Posts Trending.

Every time somebody comments on or reacts to a Facebook post, whether it’s in your group or the feed, Facebook pushes it back up to the top. So in the case of an engaging group post, everyone will see that post first.

But you don’t just want engaging posts, you also want trending posts. The best way to do that is to constantly engage with posts in your group. While you may be tempted to like and comment on everyone’s posts all at once, don’t do that. Otherwise, you’ll be giving up a lot of opportunities to make sure those posts trend.

Here’s a better approach. Whenever you identify a Facebook group post that’s getting good engagement and you want to supercharge that engagement, like and comment on one or two people. Then wait 30 minutes and come back and repeat the process.

The more you spread out your engagement on that one post, the more times it will get pushed to the top of the feed. And of course, the more comments the post has, the more engagement it has, and the more Facebook will reward you for that popularity.

#3: Tag Engaged Facebook Group Members and Mention Old Posts

We all know Facebook never wants people to leave the platform. They discourage you from adding outside links or referencing things outside of your group or page. An easy way to get around that—and get Facebook to fall in love with your group—is to mention members.

It’s really easy. Just go into your Facebook Group Insights and look at your top-performing posts and most engaged group members.

Make note of these names and pick one or two each week and mention them in your group. This will help get them to engage even more.

What do you think? Which of these tactics will you try to increase engagement and boost the popularity of your Facebook group? Do you have any tips of your own to offer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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By: Chris | May 26, 2021

Your website is the first impression of your business.

Only a well designed and functional website can convey your business to prospective customers.

At IBSM we offer a variety of services that can satisfy your needs at affordable cost.

Web services.
- Web design and development.
- Update and redesign of existing sites.
- Analysis, optimization and promotion.
- Internet marketing
- Online stores, E-commerce.
- Custom logo and graphic design.

And much more. If you would like more information about our web services, please contact us.

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By: Chris | May 11, 2021

Social Proof - Did you know?

- 68% of consumers are willing to pay up to 15% more for the same product or service if assured they´ll have a better experience.

- Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more.

- 93% of people say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. 

- 78% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do with personal recommendations.

90% of people take the time to read online reviews before visiting a business.   

As a consumer, their is this sense of comfort once we read reviews and hear good feedback about a product or service that we are about to purchase. Businesses with more reviews and testimonials instantly build up trust and credibility with buyers. Make sure your business is making an effort to gain social proof - it’s the way to thrive especially during uncertain times.

 Let's create something brilliant together!​

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