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By: Chris | November 06, 2019

Discovery of the Week

25 Free Google Tools For Business Owners – That Maybe You Never Knew Existed.

We just can’t imagine internet without Google. This company rules our personal and work life.

We use popular Google products like Gmail, Google Drive and Docs almost everyday. But ever thought of using Google for business? I’m sure you’ve never heard about at least half of these free tools. Check it out. CLICK HERE

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By: Chris | October 17, 2019

Discovery of the Week

New Instagram Scheduling and Messaging Tools: What Marketers Need to Know

Instagram publishers and creators can now publish and schedule their Instagram feed and IGTV content up to 6 months in advance through Facebook Creator Studio

In a few more months, Instagram feed and IGTV drafting and editing will also roll out. Once these tools are available and linked, brands and businesses will be able to natively schedule and manage their Instagram posts and IGTV video broadcasts by clicking the Instagram logo at the top of the page.

In addition to the new scheduling and management tools, Facebook also published a handy new guide on making the best of Creator Studio.

This guide is available on Facebook’s Creator website and covers all of the key elements and basic functionality of Creator Studio, including how to use it to manage your Instagram presence, make sense of its analytics tools, and apply the data to your strategy.

Creator Studio is your secret weapon and this article is your handy user guide

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By: Chris | October 07, 2019

Discovery of the Week

With Stencil, you get access to over 2.2 million royalty-free photos, over 2 million icons and graphics, and 850+ templates.

What’s unique about Stencil is that it’s designed for speed. Their focus is on helping you create all the graphics you need as quickly as possible. So instead of adding hundreds of features, they focus on helping you create designs ultra fast.

They also allow you to quickly resize your image for each social media platform without having to recreate it from scratch. So once you’ve created your blog post image, you can save it and resize it again for Facebook. Then save and repeat for Instagram. Save and repeat for Twitter. I do love how Stencil has designed their platform for speed and efficiency.

Plus, you can also preview what your image will look like on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. So you can see exactly what it’s going to look like on any give social media site before you post.

I have to admit, this is a pretty cool feature. Once you have everything pixel perfect, you can also share your post across all of your social media platforms with just a few clicks. Again – it’s designed for speed.

Stencil also comes with over 100,000 quotes that you can easily drop into your social media posts.

Major Differences: Live Social Media Preview Tool & Designed for speed.

The downside here is that the free plan is quite limited. You’ll need to pay $15 per month or $9 per month (when paid annually) to get access to their full library of photos, templates, graphics, and more.

Category: Discovery of the Week 


By: Chris | September 16, 2019

Discovery of the Week

Tuigram is a cool app that helps share tweets to Instagram as a story or feed post. Rather than relying on taking screenshots of tweets and posting them separately, Tuigram allows you to share on Instagram with a tap of the Share this Tweet button found on the tweet.

Select Tuigram and an image of your tweet will be generated and ready to post on Instagram. The image will be nicely formatted for Instagram but you can also crop, add hashtags or GIFs, and more as you would for any other Instagram post.

Tuigram is free to use and available in the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android.