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By: Chris | May 11, 2021

Social Proof - Did you know?

- 68% of consumers are willing to pay up to 15% more for the same product or service if assured they´ll have a better experience.

- Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more.

- 93% of people say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. 

- 78% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do with personal recommendations.

90% of people take the time to read online reviews before visiting a business.   

As a consumer, their is this sense of comfort once we read reviews and hear good feedback about a product or service that we are about to purchase. Businesses with more reviews and testimonials instantly build up trust and credibility with buyers. Make sure your business is making an effort to gain social proof - it’s the way to thrive especially during uncertain times.

 Let's create something brilliant together!​

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By: Chris | April 19, 2021

Your audience pool is the main strategy to 

get going.

We have a professional team that only focuses on how to strategize plans to make brands / companies BIG and reach their target audience on Social Media. 

We want businesses to succeed with their marketing campaigns. Your success is our success! 

Contact our marketing team to find out how we can take your brand to the next level!

 Thank you for your continued support. Let's create something brilliant together!​

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By: Chris | November 26, 2020

Save BIG Everyday!

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For a low cost monthly fee, our packages service will help businesses like yours to free up valuable time to focus on their core services. We’ll manage those essential tasks for you on a daily basis and help improve your marketing operation by maintaining a proactive presence.

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By: Chris | August 27, 2020

Take your Business to the Next Level / SSM Made Simple for you.

Benefits of having IBSM in your corner.

IBSM, Who live and breath social media will work on your accounts 24/7. 

 Your posts will follow relevant trends in the industry. 

 Every bit of content that gets posted on your accounts will bring value to your audience.

You will free up time and can devote it to other aspects of your business.

These are a few benefits when outsourcing your 

social media to us. 

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By: Chris | January 24, 2020

More change for 2020. Breakout year for innovation.

If you work in the social media industry, 2019 saw a lot of innovation and change.

Here are some of the big moves that occurred last year.

#1: Instagram Stories explode: Instagram added engagement stickers and the ability to tag users and reshare stories. Stories showed up in the Explore tab, and they enabled private direct messages from a story.

#2: IGTV expands: Instagram rolled out the ability to add IGTV previews into the feed. They also support 16x9 video. 

#3: Instagram feed changes: From the hiding of likes (which people are up in arms about) to native scheduling with Creator Studio, a LOT has changed with Instagram.

#4: Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization: Facebook's AI system takes over the heavy lifting for your ad budgets so those out-of-control costs can be better managed. 

#5: TikTok rolls out self-service ads: The growing platform makes it easier to get in front of their audience. 

#6: YouTube Studio: Finally rolling out of beta, this tool brings advanced analytics to anyone using YouTube. 

#7: LinkedIn rolls out live video: This Microsoft-owned platform decided to finally get into the live video game. 

#8: Facebook Groups: FB added group badges, the ability to format posts, group units, group analytics, the ability for pages to post in groups, and much more.

There's a pretty good chance that your strategies have been thrown out the window. The only constant in our industry is change. 

Industry analysts expect 2020 to be a breakout year for innovation. 

If you need a new strategy for this year then CONTACT US today and let's discuss your Social Media needs.  

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