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By: Chris | November 23, 2021

5 Mistakes New YouTubers Make and How to Fix Them.

Frustrated by poor results from your YouTube channel?

Discover five common YouTube marketing mistakes and find easy-to-apply fixes that will improve and optimize your content.

#1: Focus on Content That Positions You as a Trusted Resource

While YouTube allows you to upload as many videos as you want, you need to be strategic about what you choose to publish on your channel. Focus on content that lets your ideal audience or viewer know that they can come to you as the go-to resource for your product or service.

Some businesses make the mistake of uploading everything they do. While your 1-hour Facebook live stream may be good content, it’s not developed for how people consume content on YouTube. A better approach is to find the parts of a longer piece of content that are relevant to what people might be searching for or to your message or brand.

#2: Make Your YouTube Channel a Valuable Destination

One type of content that businesses post too frequently to YouTube is ads or promotional videos. It’s fine to share some of what you offer to make people aware. But every YouTube video has a job to do. The best type of content to upload to your channel is educational because it leads people to see you as a go-to resource.

Your educational content’s job is to center on service and make your channel a valuable destination. When it’s effective in that mission, you’re educating people not only on how to do something like create a Facebook ad but also how you’ve provided value by doing it for them.

#3: Optimize Your YouTube Videos for How Your Audience Searches

Most marketers don’t take into account how people search on YouTube. So when they get to the point of titling a video, they write it from the perspective of the expert. That’s a mistake. You want to always create YouTube video titles with your audience in mind.

An easy way to research your viewers’ language is to ask them. If you have at least 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, you can access the community tab where you can share a poll. While viewers are there, they can click Yes or No or reply to tell you exactly what they’re looking for.

#4: Use Consistent Messaging on Your YouTube Channel

A lot of marketers on YouTube make the mistake of using confusing messaging. If you’re creating a lot of individual videos on random topics, that may not be super-helpful to your audience.

If viewers find your video on Facebook ads, their expectation when they click over to your channel is they’ll find more videos like that. But if they see a channel image that doesn’t quite fit or find 3-hour Zoom calls, family vlogs, and other videos that don’t serve them, they’re going to leave.

#5: Design Thumbnails That Viewers Will Want to Click

Your YouTube video thumbnails should be optimized for how the viewer expects to find that information in search. If a viewer searches for “how to create a Facebook ad” and sees a thumbnail that’s a random screenshot from a Zoom call, they won’t be interested in clicking on it.

Let’s say you’ve titled your video “How to Create a Facebook Ad.” Think about the expectation that the viewer has when they’re searching for that. Maybe you could add some text that complements the thumbnail that says, “Wasting Money on Facebook Ads?” If you’re using a photo of yourself in the thumbnail, give some thought to the expression on your face. It could speak to the frustration that the viewer is having.

When your thumbnails speak to the viewer, they’ll be more likely to click on them.


If you want to translate your YouTube success into business growth, create content that serves both your audience and your business.

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