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By: Chris | January 24, 2020

More change for 2020. Breakout year for innovation.

If you work in the social media industry, 2019 saw a lot of innovation and change.

Here are some of the big moves that occurred last year.

#1: Instagram Stories explode: Instagram added engagement stickers and the ability to tag users and reshare stories. Stories showed up in the Explore tab, and they enabled private direct messages from a story.

#2: IGTV expands: Instagram rolled out the ability to add IGTV previews into the feed. They also support 16x9 video. 

#3: Instagram feed changes: From the hiding of likes (which people are up in arms about) to native scheduling with Creator Studio, a LOT has changed with Instagram.

#4: Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization: Facebook's AI system takes over the heavy lifting for your ad budgets so those out-of-control costs can be better managed. 

#5: TikTok rolls out self-service ads: The growing platform makes it easier to get in front of their audience. 

#6: YouTube Studio: Finally rolling out of beta, this tool brings advanced analytics to anyone using YouTube. 

#7: LinkedIn rolls out live video: This Microsoft-owned platform decided to finally get into the live video game. 

#8: Facebook Groups: FB added group badges, the ability to format posts, group units, group analytics, the ability for pages to post in groups, and much more.

There's a pretty good chance that your strategies have been thrown out the window. The only constant in our industry is change. 

Industry analysts expect 2020 to be a breakout year for innovation. 

If you need a new strategy for this year then CONTACT US today and let's discuss your Social Media needs.  

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