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By: Chris | April 23, 2019

Facebook LIVE Traffic Tips

Here are my top 3 tips...

1. Get your viewers FIRED up!

The Facebook algorithm is all about engagement.

The more comments, likes, hearts and shares that you get, the more people who will SEE your post.

It's like the "secret sauce" for hacking Facebook's algorithm.

So during your LIVE video, tell people exactly what to do.

"Comment below with the word REPLAY if you're watching us on the replay. I love my replay viewers :)"

"If you're getting value today, share this video with your friends and tag someone in the comments."

"Let me know who we've got LIVE on the call! Comment below and tell me where you're tuning in from."

This gets the comments poppin!

And... it's a lot more fun for your viewers as well.

Recognize your viewers and put them in the spotlight.

2. Send a broadcast to your Facebook Messenger list.

This right here can explode your live viewers.

Send out a broadcast to your Facebook Messenger list a few minutes before you go live. Let them know what you'll be talking about and sprinkle in plenty of curiosity.

Remember... WIIFM. WHY should they attend. What's in it for them.


I'm sharing a brand NEW Facebook ad strategy that will help you grow your audience faster.

Plus, we're giving away a cool prize. Be sure to comment during the live video for a chance to win 

3. Start a Watch Party!

This is a more recent Facebook feature and it's a great way to get more views on your video.

First, I go live on my Facebook business page.

Then afterwards I created a "Watch Party" for that specific video on my personal profile.

Immediately, we got more viewers, comments, likes and shares.

What I love about this strategy is that it creates a similar LIVE experience that you can share across your personal profile, Facebook groups, and more.

There's just nothing like hearing someone's voice and seeing them face-to-face.

Plus, it's soooo much FUN!



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By: Chris | April 12, 2018

How to Create Facebook Videos That Foster Meaningful Engagement

Worried that Facebook’s latest news feed changes will impact your video reach?

Looking for tips to create videos that generate meaningful comments?

In this article, you’ll discover how to create Facebook videos that generate the mindful interactions your posts need to stay visible in the news feed.

Facebook Zero (the latest platform update) has brought new changes to the very core of how we understand the place of videos in Facebook’s context. The update is all about encouraging meaningful interactions among people. As Facebook begins showing content based on people’s connections and that content’s ability to spark interactions, users will see more content from friends and less content from companies.

In this light, video is seen as passive because it doesn’t spark as many conversations as other types of content; thus it will be seen less frequently in people’s feeds. Does that mean that creating video for Facebook isn’t worth the investment anymore? Not at all. It just means that you’ll have to step up your game because the competition among companies will become far more fierce.

Here is what you can do to stand out.

#1: Choose Video Types That Generate Facebook Engagement

Facebook says that live videos are watched 3x longer and commented on 10x more than any other video type on the platform. With the news feed changes, those comments can go a long way toward increasing your organic reach.

You can use live video to stream events, arrange a Q&A, or present a new product.
You can use company videos to introduce new team members, show how a product is made, or follow an order from placement to fulfillment.

#2: Design Your Video to Capitalize on Engagement

All social networks have different languages for videos, but that doesn’t mean that certain things work equally well for videos on all platforms. There are specific technical and audiovisual aspects that have proven effective on Facebook and beyond, so incorporating them into your videos is a must.

In the past, Facebook has said the important thing about video isn’t its length but its ability to tell a story. Telling the story is essential, but the closer you can get to keeping the video under the 2-minute mark, the better it will perform.

Why? People lose interest fairly quickly, especially on social media.

A short video forces you to keep your story simple and increases the chance that viewers will watch it to completion.

#3: Invest in News Feed Visibility

If Facebook Zero makes anything clear right out of the gate, it’s that Facebook wants businesses to pay for visibility. If you’ve not yet paid for exposure via Facebook ads, the ad system offers several features that make it well worth your time and money.

You might find that young people prefer short and fast-paced videos, while older audiences stick around for longer videos.


The Facebook landscape may have changed but the essentials that differentiate videos that engage haven’t. 

And because Facebook Zero is all about engagement and meaningful interactions, it’s safe to say that you’ll need that high-quality engagement more than ever (plus a couple of bucks to invest).

What do you think? Will you continue to use video in your Facebook marketing? 
Please share your thoughts in the comments or share this post with your online community. 

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