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By: Chris | September 16, 2019

Discovery of the Week

Tuigram is a cool app that helps share tweets to Instagram as a story or feed post. Rather than relying on taking screenshots of tweets and posting them separately, Tuigram allows you to share on Instagram with a tap of the Share this Tweet button found on the tweet.

Select Tuigram and an image of your tweet will be generated and ready to post on Instagram. The image will be nicely formatted for Instagram but you can also crop, add hashtags or GIFs, and more as you would for any other Instagram post.

Tuigram is free to use and available in the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android.

By: Chris | March 21, 2019

How to Add Alt Text to Instagram Posts

Want to make your Instagram posts accessible to a wider audience? Did you know you can add extra text to your Instagram posts that help the visually impaired consume your content?
In this article, you’ll discover how to write and add alt text to your Instagram posts.

What Are Alt Text Tags?

Alt text is a short phrase that’s used to identify images, typically on web pages. But as social media expands, alt text is often added to images uploaded to social platforms as well.
If an image fails to load, the text description that appears in place of the image is the alt text that was added to that image. Hovering over a web image will often display a description also, which comes from the alt text on that image.

Traditionally, alt text serves two primary purposes.

The first is for image recognition by screen readers. These software applications allow visually impaired users to hear the alt text.
The second reason alt text is commonly used is to rank better in search engine queries. Most websites will focus on their SEO for text and page content. Photos and visual components are often significant search criteria too, and adding relevant alt text tags to the images will help with ranking in those search results.

Currently, most Instagram posts aren’t appearing in search engine results, even when alt text is included. This could be due to a number of factors; however, as more high-performing posts with alt text are shared to Instagram, we could see the search results populating more of this content in queries.
In addition to these traditional reasons, alt text could play a big role in the future of post rankings in Instagram searches and feed placements. Instagram has been working with AI tools to define and determine what content is in a post. This algorithm and technology help determine what content shows up in the Instagram explore plages.
Add Alt Text to New Instagram Posts
You add the alt text component to your Instagram posts on the screen where you write your caption and add any other tags to the post. Tap on the Advanced Settings option on this upload screen.
Then tap on the Write Alt Text section to access the screen to add your text.
On the next screen, you see the image you’re tagging and a text box where you can write your alt text description. Add your alt text accordingly and tap Save when complete to return to the post upload screen.

Compose Your Alt Text for Instagram

When it comes to writing your alt text, there are a variety of factors to consider to maximize your results. From the screen reader perspective—for blind or visually impaired persons—it’s in your best interest to keep alt text phrases to fewer than 125 characters.

Screen readers will break up text after 125 characters and make it more difficult to determine your post description if you exceed this limit. To be wary of this, and to prevent people from simply copying the caption and pasting it into the alt text field, Instagram has capped the alt text description at 100 characters.

Screen readers will also be able to read emojis, so you can get creative and add emojis to your alt text descriptions if they align with your brand or message. And they may save you much-needed character space!

Your alt text should include relevant keywords but shouldn’t be heavy on the keyword stuffing. Having one or two keywords that reference your post content or product is fine, but a long list of keywords strung together isn’t helpful.
Remember that whether it’s a screen reader or a search engine, the people who are reading or hearing your alt text are humans and they read in sentence structure. Having your alt text formatted as such will make it more relevant and valuable to them.


The introduction of alt text to Instagram posts demonstrates the value of visual content and SEO for social media. It also shows an awareness of the need to provide access to more users by ensuring those with visual impairment are able to enjoy Instagram.
As alt text descriptions become more common with Instagram users, we’ll see even more value in tailoring this content for more exposure and opportunity for growth.
What do you think? Have you added alt text to your Instagram posts? Are you going to start using alt text after reading this? Please share your thoughts or tips in the comments below.

By: Chris | February 11, 2019

The Real Benefits of Instagram and IBSM Instagram Management.

Do you know that Instagram has been growing at an alarming rate since it was launched, at approximately 15% more users signing up each year? 

With millions of users joining each year and steadily growing, the growth of Instagram does not show any signs of slowing down. Current stats from 2019 show that it hosts between 700-800 million active users per month. 

People have processed over 30 billion photographs on the site in total and a mind-bending 70 million pictures are shared per day, excluding video content! 

This alone should be reason enough to put Instagram high up on your social media priorities list.
Your audience base will increase tremendously on Instagram and you will be able to reach users on an international scale. 

It is predicted that by 2019, 51.8% of social media users will be on Instagram, surpassing all other platforms in terms of engagement and followers. Currently it’s not in the lead, but it is certainly set up to be in the future, especially with the population growth the planet is experiencing in the 21st century.

Here's what IBSM can help you with:

Business Management : 
- we can reach and engage your targeted audience, the real people who can buy your products. 

- we will work for you and help your clients grow faster, organically.

- we can increase your engagement and influentiality on Instagram, the world's most competitive platform.

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